Japanese Greetings You Never Learn from Textbook! -テキストブックに書いていない日本語の挨拶

Japanese People Who Use Wrong Grammar

“I Feel Like I am Stupid When I Speak Japanese!”

Let’s Try JLPT N5 Live (3)

日本人はこの文法を説明できないーMany Japanese people can’t explain about this grammar

JLPT N5 – Demo lesson (2)

JLPT N5 ーDemo Lesson (1)

JLPT N? is Necessary to Work in Japan!

Where You Should Sit in the Conference Room at Japanese Companies

Do you know what I mean by “I am already Urashima Taro in Japan”.




Pet Cremation in Japan – 日本のペットの火葬


外国語を話す勇気 – Courage to Speak Foreign Language.

Greeting in Japanese – 日本語の挨拶

Let’s see if you can pass JLPT N2! – How to become an animator

Skype in Japanese – Pronunciation

Skype in Japanese – Self-Study!

Skype in Japanese – Casual Japanese