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First, please try to memorize hiragana within a week.

This Course is based on Genki 1.

覚えても、覚えられなくても、CH1のウィークリーレッスン「X is Y」を見て。
Whether you memorized hiragana or not, please start with the CH1 weekly lesson, “X is Y”.

After that, please watch the corresponding HW dara-dara club lesson, “CH1-1” from the lesson list.

Then, keep going through the list like that.

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If you purchase “Hanako’s Beginner Japanese in 37 Days“, I think you will find it useful since you will be able to do things such as highlight and place post-it notes anywhere you like!

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* Live or recorded 40 lessons.

This is for “absolute beginners”.


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Beginner Lessonと同じ。
ウィークリーレッスン「CH13・P30 Potential Verbs」を見て、その後HWだらだらクラブCH13-1/CH13-2/CH13-3/CH13-4を見て。
Please watch the weekly lesson “CH13. P30 Potential Verbs”, and watch HW dara-dara Club CH13-1/CH 13-2/CH 13-3/CH 13-4.

Then, please keep going like that.

(4) Business Japanese