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Nice to see you! It’s Hanako.

I worked for 15 years, until the summer of 2018, at a Japanese bank in America as a credit analyst.

Concurrently, I was also teaching Japanese part-time.

However, my major, from a university in Japan, is in Japanese Literature.

My daughter was born and raised in America and she helps me edit my English. She is now a student at UC Berkeley near San Francisco.

She attended Japanese school every Saturday from the age of 3 to 18.

So I’ve helped her with her Japanese homework for 15 years.

Her classmates were mostly children who had Japanese mothers from Japan.

However, many of them gave up learning Japanese and quit Saturday school.

On the other hand, there were some Americans who could speak Japanese only after a few years even though they had no one in their family who was Japanese.

What is the difference between them?

続きはこの26ページの無料E-Book「How to Become a Confident Japanese Speaker」を読んでみてください。
To find out, please read my free 26 page eBook called, “How to Become a Confident Japanese Speaker”.

“Daniel Passes JLPT N3 and started working as engineer in Japan”


The only thing you need is interest.

Because it is written in Japanese with furigana and English translations, I believe it will be a good source of Japanese language learning for those who have no qualms persisting with their study of Japanese.

“How to Become a Confident Japanese Speaker”


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(1) Beginner Lessons Check List (Genki 1)Click Here!

First, please try to memorize hiragana within a week.

This Course is based on Genki 1.

覚えても、覚えられなくても、CH1のウィークリーレッスン「X is Y」を見て。
Whether you memorized hiragana or not, please start with the CH1 weekly lesson, “X is Y”.

After that, please watch the corresponding HW dara-dara club lesson, “CH1-1” from the lesson list.

Then, keep going through the list like that.

Hanako’s Beginner Japanese in 37 Days」を買うと、本に線を引いたり、ポストイットをつけたりできるので、便利かも!
If you purchase “Hanako’s Beginner Japanese in 37 Days“, I think you will find it useful since you will be able to do things such as highlight and place post-it notes anywhere you like!


(2) Intermediate Lessons Check List(Genki 2) Click Here!

Beginner Lessonと同じ。
ウィークリーレッスン「CH13・P30 Potential Verbs」を見て、その後HWだらだらクラブCH13-1/CH13-2/CH13-3/CH13-4を見て。
Please watch the weekly lesson “CH13. P30 Potential Verbs”, and watch HW dara-dara Club CH13-1/CH 13-2/CH 13-3/CH 13-4.

Then, please keep going like that.

(3) Advanced Lessons Check List (Tobira) Click Here!

Do you know about “Tobira“?
This class uses “Tobira”, but additionally, each lesson will start with a listening challenge.
The random topics became this Book, “Learning from Famous Japanese Literature Everyone Knows”.
The professional proofreader edited it, so the book is easier to read for English speakers!

(4) HW dara-dara JLPT Check List  Click Here to see updated list!  (JLPT Practice)

Currently, I’m doing live lessons for this course.

Live 10:00-10:30 pm Japan Standard Time Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri


JLPT N1 lesson is starting from Feb 2020.

It would be great review for people who are not interested in taking JLPT as well. You will gain vocabularies by working on it.

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Not included in “Premium Lessons”.

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