JLPT N? is Necessary to Work in Japan!

JLPT N? をとると、日本で仕事に受かりやすいです。
If you get JLPT N?, it would help you to get your ideal job in Japan.

You might be able to find job without JLPT N?.

But if you pass it, you might be able to find a job with higher salary, and more ideal job!

まあ、JLPT N? を持っていることは、一つのツールですね!
Well, it’s just a tool to hold JLPT N?

ビデオを見て、JLPT N5か、N4、N3、N2、N1か、確認してみて!
Watch the video and find it out if it’s JLPT N5? N4? N3? N2? or N1!