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(1) Oct- Dec 2018 –  Genki 1 Practice Page (Done!)

(2) Dec 2018 – Feb 2019 Genki 2 Practice Page (on-going)

(3) March 2019 – May 2019 – “JLPT N2 Test Practice” is scheduled.


I realized that the weekly lesson itself is not enough.

We need more time to practice!

So I decided to do this supplement lessons.

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Scheduled on: (Tokyo Time)

Genki 2 HW Club is starting from 12/10/2018!

CH13- Potential Verbs / 〜し / そうです / 〜てみる / なら / 1週間に一回 

Genki 2 CH 13-1 (For public on youtube only for first 3 days!)

Genki 2 CH 13-2 (For public on youtube only for first 3 days!) 

Genki 2 CH 13-3 (For public on youtube only for first 3 days!) 

Genki 2 CH 13-4 (Paying members only)

12/17/2018 (Mon) Genki 2 CH13-5 (Paying members only)

12/18/2018 (Tue) Genki 2 CH 13-6 (Paying members only)

No HW club on Wed.

12/20/2018 (Thu) 9pm (Tokyo time) Genki 2 CH 13-7 (Paying members only)

12/21/ 2018 (Fri) 9pm (Tokyo time) / Genki 2 CH 13-8 (Paying members only)

12/24/2018 (Mon & Tue)  No Live!

CH14- ほしい / 〜かもしれません / あげる・lくれる・もらう/ 〜たらどうですか? / Number + も・Number + しか + negative  

12/26/2018 (Wed) 9pm (Tokyo time) / Genki 2 CH 14-1 (Paying members only)

12/27/2018 (Thu) 9pm (Tokyo Time) / Genki 2 CH 14-2 (Paying members only)

12/28/2018 (Fri) 9pm (Tokyo Time) / Genki 2 CH 14-3 (Paying members only)

Winter Break! (12/29/2018 – 1/11/2019) Have a Happy Holiday!

1/14/2019 (Mon) 9pm (Tokyo time) / Genki 2 CH 14-4 (Paying members only)

1/15/2019 (Tue) 9pm (Tokyo time) / Genki 2 CH 14-5 (Paying members only)

1/17/2019 (Thu) 9pm (Tokyo Time) / Genki 2 CH 15-1 (Paying members only)

1/18/2019 (Fri) 9pm (Tokyo Time) Genki 2 CH 15-2 (Paying members only)

To be continued..

Genki 1 Homework Dara-dara Club

CH1- X はYです / Question Sentences / nounのnoun/ 

CH1-1 (for Public on youtube)

CH1-2 (Paying subscribers only)

CH1-3 (Paying subscribers only) 

CH2 – これ・それ・あれ・どれ / この・その・あの・どの / ここ・そこ・あそこ・どこ /

だれのnoun / Nounも / noun じゃないです / 〜ね・〜よ

CH 2-1 (for Public on youtube)

CH2-2 (Paying subscribers only)

CH 2-3 (Paying subscribers only)

CH3 – Verb Conjugation / Verb Types and the “Present Tense” / Particles / Time References / 〜ませんか / Word Order / Frequency Adverbs / The Topic Particle は

CH3-1 (Paying members only)

CH3-2 (Paying subscribers only)

CH3-3 (Paying subscribers only)

CH4 – Xがあります・います / Describing Where Things Are / Past Tense of です / も/

1時間 / たくさん / と

CH4-1 (Paying subscribers only)

CH4-2 (Paying subscribers only)

CH4-3 (Paying subscribers only)

CH5 – Adjectives / 好きな・きらいな / 〜ましょう・ましょうか / Counting

CH5-1 (Paying subscribers only)

CH5-2 (Paying subscribers only)

CH5-3 (Paying subscribers only)

CH5-4 (Paying subscribers only)

CH6 – Te-form / 〜てください・〜てもいいです・〜てはいけません・Describing Two Activities/〜から・〜ましょうか

CH6-1 (Paying subscribers only)

CH6-2 (Paying subscribers only)

CH 6-3 (Paying subscribers only)

CH 6-4 (Paying Subscribers only)

CH7 – 〜ている / メアリーさんはかみが長いです/ te-form for joining Sentences/ Verb stem + にいく/ Counting people

CH7-1 (Paying subscribers only)

CH7-2 (Paying subscribers only)

CH7-3 (Paying subscribers only)

CH7-4 (Paying subscribers)

CH8 – Short Forms /Informal Speech  / 〜と思います・〜と言っていました / 〜ないでください/ Verb のが好きです/ が / 何か・何も

CH8-1 (Paying members only)

CH8-2 (Paying members only)

CH8-3 (Paying members only)

CH8-4 (Paying members only)

CH9 – Past Tense Short Form /Qualifying Nouns with Verbs and Adjectives / まだ〜ていません / 〜から

CH9-1 (Paying members only)

CH9-2 (Paying members only)

CH9-3 (Paying members only)

CH 9-4 (Paying members only)P.222ー225

CH10 – Comparison between Two Items / Comparison among Three or More Items / adjective / noun の/ 〜つもりだ / adjective + なる / どこかに・どこにも / で

CH10-1 (Paying members only)

CH10-2 (Paying members only)

CH 10-3 (Paying members only)

CH 10-4 (Paying members only)

CH 10-5 (Paying members only)

CH11 – 〜たい/ 〜たり、〜たりする/ 〜ことがある/ Noun A や noun B

CH 11-1 (Paying members only)

CH 11-2 (Paying members only)

CH 11-3 (Paying members only)

CH 11-4 (Paying members only)

CH 11-5 (Paying members only)

CH12 – 〜んです / 〜すぎる/ 〜のほうがいいです/ ので /なければいけません  / なきゃいけません/ 〜でしょう

CH 12-1 (Paying members only)

CH 12-2 (Paying members only)

CH 12-3 (Paying members only)

CH 12-4 (Paying members only)

CH 12-5 (Paying members only)

Genki 1 was done! Please go to “Genki 2”! おつかれさま!


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