14 Replies to “How to Become a Confident Japanese Speaker (A Free e-Book, 26 pages)

  1. Very inspirational! Keep up the great work and thank you for helping all of us learn, no matter where our Japanese language journey takes us.

  2. Thank you, David san!
    I am so happy to hear that.
    You motivated me to keep going! 🙂
    Thank you, again! Have a happy holiday.

  3. Thank you Hanako san,

    You always help give great inspiration to learning Japanese through your teaching!

  4. Thanks for such an excellent book!
    I am more inspired to speak Japanese. I am in the category of “Person living in Japan, but doesn’t speak Japanese”. I have lived in Japan for 5 years, studied for tests (currently holding a N2 certificate, but ギリギリ passed) however, I do not confident in my conversational skills.
    I am looking forward to becoming a student in the near future.

  5. Thank you, Shante san! I am sooo happy to hear that!
    My goal to teach Japanese is to help Japanese learners like you even if it’s a little help.
    Your comment encouraged me to improve my courses further.

  6. Good Morning.
    I done my degree in BSc chemical engineering UET from Pakistan. I want to get admission in MSc Chemical engineering. Please help me to get admission in MS. First of all take clases of Japanese language.

  7. Thank you Hanako Sensai for making such a wonderful book. I’m really very inspired by reading your book. Currently, I’m learning Japanese N4 language and going to appear for JLPT exam on upcoming july.

  8. Now I m preparing for n4 exam please give some suggestion to me and guide me please.

  9. Sorry for this late reply!
    So you passed N5 right? My advise would be, master the grammar in Genki 2 (or Minna no Nihongo 2) level, then, work on past N4 quizzes as much as possible. I will start N4 lessons from May, and probably N4 in June. Please check it out!:)

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