Learning from Famous Japanese Literature Everyone Knows – だれもが知ってる日本文学から学ぶ日本語

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I was born and raised in Japan, and I majored in Japanese literature at a university in my home country.I realized that if Japanese language-learners learned about Japanese literature, they would in turn be able to learn about how Japanese culture and about how we think.If you bought this book to learn the Japanese language, I imagine you are probably an advanced Japanese learner. However, even if you are a newcomer to Japanese and read only the English sections, you will still come to understand something about how Japanese culture has been formed.Once I put furigana (spelling out the kanji in hiragana) on a certain kanji, I will not write furigana for that kanji again.So you will find many furigana in Chapter 1 but less furigana in Chapter 30. If you read through this book many times, you will eventually memorize kanji.Keep on going


Chapter 22 (Sample)“Upon the Dirtied Sadness” by Chuya Nakahara

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Proofreader: Noah Oskow

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Noah is a professional Japanese translator and interpreter who holds a BA in East Asian Languages and Cultures. He has lived, studied and worked in Japan for nearly seven years, including two years studying at Sophia University in Tokyo and four years teaching English on the JET Program in rural Fukushima Prefecture. His experiences with language learning and historical and cultural studies as well as his extensive experience in world travel have lead to appearances at speaking events and popular podcasts. Noah is currently working on his Masters Degree in Global Studies at Leipzig University in Germany.

Available on Amazon:

USA / Japan / UK / France / Italy / Spain / Germany